2 Important Places to Put Your Affiliate Links!

2 Important Places to Put Your Affiliate Links!


I don’t know about you, but it always takes me a long time to decide where I put my affiliate links and how many should I put in any post I write? There has been many ‘guru’s float in and out of my life since I started to learn how I should be setting up my internet business, and most of them all have their own take on how often and where to put your affiliate links!

It is my opinion and I think it’s a good idea to use multiple strategies when you start to build your site and find products to sell in your niche. You should not place your affiliate links all in the same place. By mixing them up a bit and becoming a bit more creative, you are going to have a much better chance of boosting your affiliate income.

Let’s have look at what I think are two important places to put your affiliate links which hopefully will ensure you optimum success…

An Extension Page…

An extension page resembles a resource page, however, you will do a little bit more with it so that it feels connected and related to your brand.

For example, at the bottom of all the posts I write, I offer a brief summary about how I reached the stage my reader has, and I give them the opportunity to click on a ‘HERE’ button and the link to the product I am promoting is ‘hidden’ in that call to action! They will be taken to the Amazon page which hosts the product and hopefully they will buy!

I have just started to do this myself and will be testing one book to start off with to see how well it is received on the page.

At the very bottom of all the posts I have published, the last thing my visitors see is my affiliate banner which hopefully they will opt in to start the 28 day trial with the product I am offering, as I did 6 months ago. I’m sort of killing a few birds with one stone by doing it this way!

It’s what I call…

‘I’m not in your face to pressure you to buy anything if you don’t want to’ method!

It’s not obtrusive, but there is an opt-in for the potential buyer and an easy way to get a name and an email address! Even better they might sign up to your email list or buy the product and bingo a commission will be made!

If you place importance to make this process very smooth and create cohesiveness between visiting one site and buying on another in order for the visitor to complete the purchase, then you will create have created the impression of no hard sale! It is important to make your visitors feel they have not been pressured into buy anything! They made the decision all by themselves when they click the OPTIN or PURCHASE button!

Consider what you can add to your extension page that will provide your visitor with as much extra value as you can over and above ‘IT’S FREE’. What you want your visitor to think of this page is that they are going to find the answer to their question! The answer must be there for them.

When your visitor arrives there you now have an opportunity to sell them your product or service. When your affiliate links are correctly placed and you have provided the information that lures them and grabs their interest, then they are much more likely to click that link or purchase button and then you will earn a commission!

You Should Have A Resource Page…

Your resource page can be your top earning affiliate page if you set it up properly. A resource page is simply a page that lists any resources you recommend, and each resource will have a brief description attached to it. In that list is going to be your link to your affiliate marketing program. It is here that there is a high likelihood that your visitor will click that link, and buy the product you have to offer.

Your list on the resource page is going to contain all the affiliate links for every affiliate program you have signed up to. This is the page where you want all of your traffic, every visitor, and all the buyers to go berserk clicking on every link they can find for the problem they’ve been looking for because you have given them all the information you could find giving them every reason to make the purchase!

This will be a win-win for everyone. You make a commission, your visitor gets a product they want, and your affiliate merchant sells their product. A resource page is easy to create and one of the most valuable tools you’ll ever place on your blog or website.

If you use these two simple strategies, hopefully, it should help you to increase your income stream from Affiliate Marketing.


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