2 Ways to Successfully Incorporate Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog!

2 Ways to Successfully Incorporate Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog


When it comes to incorporating affiliate marketing on your blog there are many opinions about what is the right way to do this. Some say you should incorporate more ads in the sidebar, footer, and headers…others say there should be more text links and product reviews, and there are others who say that it simply doesn’t make sense and you can’t earn an income through affiliate marketing on your blog!

The truth is there are many ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into your blog successfully, and yes, you can make money by joining an affiliate marketing program and displaying it on your blog.

Here are what I think are the two best ways you can use to successfully incorporate affiliate marketing on your blog…

#1 Affiliate marketing is all about first impressions…

The tone is set for your visitors by the first impressions they get when they visit your site. In fact, their first impression will affect how and what they think right from the word go!

If they don’t like what they see or don’t like what you have presented, they will click the little ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner of their computer screen, never to be seen again! They will not buy your product.

Think about what YOU would do…what happens when all you see is ads splattered all over the place on the site YOU are visiting?

That’s right…most people leave. If the first impression your visitors get is that your site is all about getting the sale then you haven’t got a chance. Your site must be packed with well-researched information, it must be easy to navigate, and must have something of value to offer.

You must build trust with your visitors before they are even going to think about making a purchase! Your blog needs to be factual and interesting, and they need to feel like there is something of value…they need to feel like they are being educated…does your information solve their problem? If it does, you might stand a chance that they will consider making a purchase!

#2 Only promote products and services that you have actually used…

I have said this before…and it needs to be repeated again…

The way to earn an income from affiliate programs is to offer products and services that you have actually used yourself. If you haven’t tried a product or service you are trying to sell, how can you recommend it to the people who are visiting your site? What if your product does not meet their expectations?

What if you recommend a product that is useless? How would you feel? Who do you think the buyer is going to have a go at? They are going to remember purchasing that product from YOU. Not only that, they are probably going to ask for a refund. Your reputation has just been blown to pieces!

Without your reputation intact, you’ve got nothing! In the fast-paced world of social media interaction, you won’t stand a chance! It is crucial that you try every product or service before you decide to market it on your blog.

This is pretty basic stuff. If you stick to these two simple suggestions, it will help you to increase your affiliate marketing revenue, and create the income stream you are striving for to secure your future and live the life you want!


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